Friday, April 20, 2012

 The Ezra Jack Keats awards honors new authors and illustrators of children’s picture books whose work reflects Ezra Jack Keats’ values; the universal qualities of childhood, a strong and supportive family and the multicultural nature of our world.  
Ezra Jack Keats, also a  collage artist, wrote  “The Snowy Day “among other classics.  
 I had so wished that Anna Witte, Lola's author, could have come so we could celebrate  together.
Here we are the other winners who could 
make it.!

Nicola Winstanley for "Cinnamon Baby"
Meg Medina for "Tía Isa Wants a Car"
Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw for "Same, Same but Different"
And the goofy tall one on the right ? My face hurt from smiling.

We were wined and dined until I was dizzy with all the attention. The authors and illustrators all sat together each meal and talked shop. Book signings were great fun.  And then finally I saw the de Grummond  Collection with Virginia Butler an expert on Ezra Jack Keats, as my guide. There were original  sketches, and illustrations from his and many other illustrators' works. It was fascinating to see how he worked. I learn so much with just one good look at an original.

 E.J.Keats Original
 E.J.Keats Original
E.J.Keats Original

Lola and I

 great illustrator and author, great person, great speaker. Knows children inside out

Sculpture by Margaret Wise Brown- wrote "Goodnight Moon"

 Virginia Butler- Currently writing a book on Ezra Jack Keats

Cool Hands on Workshops

Nicola Winstanely (author of "Cinnamon Baby") and I

Jane and I traveled to and from the festival. 
Beautiful talk she gave on the importance of story. She got the Old Miss. award. Big one.

Cool murals

Lola's next pair of shoes.

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